Friday, June 28, 2013

» summerween

= Halloween + summer
(c) Laurier and MLSB :)
- - -
It is literally a day in the summer where we pretend it is Halloween and we all dress up and have typical MLSB shenanigans.
Which included, a kegger (obv) and then Wilfs afterwards (best)
- - -
This was my costume:
A 'tall' Starbucks Cup
(I reallyyyy hope everyone understands that lolol)

Everyyyyone, and literally everyone, that commented on my costume said: "wow Karen, this is soo you" haha everyone knows I'm addicted. Is that a good or bad thing? MEH :)

Here are some pictures from the rest of the night.
I didn't take many because I just kept running around like a...cup? Lol but it was a typical fun MLSB night :)
- - -
Little jellyfishies!
My little Tinkerbell aka no-face fairy
Love these girls!
- - -
Annnd that's it.
(Wow so little pictures!)
A short and sweet post :)

Until next time :)
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