Saturday, June 08, 2013 / Waterloo, ON, Canada

» Taco Night

Mmmmm mmmm mmmm :9
- - -
Taco night was going to happen eventually.
Ingredients (to feed 3 - we had leftover ingredients):
3 tomatoes
1/4 of a block of cheese
1/2 a cabbage
4 avocados (secret ingredient)
sour cream
0.5lbs of ground beef
1 pack of Old El Paso taco seasoning
& as many taco shells as you see fit :)
- - -
Everything was quite self-explanatory to make and it took us less than an hour to prepare everything.
We then proceeded to eat these amaaazing tacos for a good 3 hours.
Brb, stomach just grumbled.
Time to make more food :)
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