Tuesday, June 04, 2013 / Las Vegas, NV, USA


KN's Bucketlist:
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After my failed attempt to skydive over the Swiss Alps in Switzerland last year, L and I collectively decided that we would do it during our Las Vegas vacay instead.
According to SkyDiveLasVegas (where I did my jump), I would be jumping over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, Colorado River, Lake Mohave, Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston and the entire Las Vegas Strip.
Why not? :)
I literally had to sign my life away.
I felt a little sketch signing it (giving up every single right I had as a human being LOL) but obviously I did it.
- - -
The location of the jump was quite far from the Strip (about an hour and a half drive) but their shuttle service made it easy for us. The entire car ride consisted of them playing videos about how skydiving is really safe but you could die.. Great. Thanks.
I thought I'd be super nervous but the nervousness turned into excitement pretty quickly upon arriving.
Being the smallest person, I was first in the line up to jump out of the plane aka I had was closest to the door of the plane. AKA NO DOOR.
So the entire time the plane took off, and was going up into the air (16,000 ft btw), I was just sitting next to nothing.
Sooo frightening yet soo exhilarating at the same time. 
I can't even describe how I felt.
L & I!! :)
I was probably the most excited out of the entire group.
- - -
The ride to go up literally felt like an hour, but the time had finally come.
My instructor (who I am strapped on) said, "Karen, are you ready?"
My response: "I was ready yesterday."

...And then I fell.
Sixteen. Thousand. Feet.
Best experience of my life.
There are absolutely no words to describe how it felt or what was going through my mind when it happened.
All I know is that I would do it again in a heartbeat. 
I'm an adrenaline junkie so this was just a perfect way to end off my Las Vegas trip :)
- - -
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