Friday, February 28, 2014

NYC's Halal Guys

As much as I love my gourmet restaurants, I also love my cheap, street food.

As walking is our main means of transportation in New York (because everything is so close to each other, and one way streets are annoying), it's hard to not notice how many food stands there are. Yup, always noticing the food...what's new?
In particular, I've noticed that there are many halal food stands around New York. But there was one in particular that everyone told me to check out: The Halal Guys.
Having 3 stands on the corner of 53rd & 6th, I've noticed that no matter what time it is, there is always a line. That alone made me want to check it out.
They even have cute.
 I ordered the Chicken Over Rice, thinking that I was super hungry and I wouldn't be full.
I. Was. Wrong.
It was a large dish of basmati rice, shredded chicken, salad, pita and some of the best sauces.

I only finished half of that. It was so filling and delicious.
For $6, it was well worth it.

M and I enjoyed this meal as much as we did our lunch at Maze LOL

1300-1318 Avenue of the Americas
At 53rd & 6th
Manhattan, NY 10019, United States
The Halal Guys on Urbanspoon

Right around the corner is the iconic LOVE Sculpture,
where we took our only photo together for the entire trip LOL


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