Sunday, October 25, 2015

&Company Resto Bar

Steak, mash potatoes, asparagus, and shrimp - what a beautiful dish!
This is my first (and will probably be one of very few) post of a place in Mississauga.

&Company is a restaurant turned club after hours in Mississauga.

The place is nicely decorated with dim lighting and candles to match the restaurant/club. During dinner time, there are tables set up but once it hits 10:30ish 11pm, all the tables are cleared and it becomes a large open space.

We were seated at a long table at the back with all the other large parties. Because we had over 8 people dining at once, we were advised that we were only allowed to eat from the prefix menu. However, I was disappointed as there weren't that many options and I saw other large parties ordering whatever they pleased from their normal menu. Oh well, I guess!

After waiting almost an hour to get our food, this salad came out: a baby arugula salad with pickled vegetables, crisp onions, with honey and citrus vinaigrette. This was delicious and I loved the crispy onions as an added texture to the salad. I'm not sure if this salad was really good or if we were all just starving at this time.

Next up was the soup: a puree of Ontario parsnip soup with lemon and summer truffle cream. This was nothing special, but it was nice to have something warm.

As mentioned previously, we were only allowed to order from their prefix menu. And for the price of $45, this option was the only one that seemed worth the price. I think out of the 16 of us, only 2 ordered something other than the the above dish. 
Here it is: a Grilled USDA strip loin and butter-poached jumbo shrimp with Yukon Gold mash, buttered asparagus and red wine sauce. This dish looks stunning, but it was lacking in many other areas. 

I asked for a medium rare steak, and my steak was almost fully cooked through. The #1 no no for serving steak at a restaurant! This wasn't just my dish too. There were others who's steak wasn't cooked how they wanted as well. The asparagus was limpy - way over cooked. And the shrimp was chewy and rubbery. The only thing I absolutely loved was the mashed potatoes and gravy. I was overall disappointed with this dish due to the steak. If it was cooked how I wanted it to be, I'm sure I would have loved it!

For dessert, we all had the lovely looking plate of art above: milk chocolate ganache, lemon curd and Tahitian vanilla meringue tart with seasonal berry jam. I don't know where the chocolate ganache is, but the tart was absolutely divine. 

Overall, I had a decent meal - I've had way worse. I just would not come out from Toronto to eat/go out here. And if I was in Mississauga, I think it would be worth it to get into town and eat somewhere downtown for this price tag.

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