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Roselle Toronto review earl grey soft serve

Life is short. Eat dessert first.

Photo credit: Roselle

Roselle (@roselle_to) is located on the east end of Toronto on King Street East in Corktown. Although it is quite a venture from the core downtown, it is worth the trek for their famous earl grey soft serve.

Their slogan is 'dessert makes you happy', and that's all they want! They make delicious desserts to make you happy. It's just the sweetest thing.

I actually had my first taste of Roselle when some of our instababes surprised Rosemary (@petite.cow) and I with a birthday cake earlier this year.

And funny enough, Rosemary is the one who took me here to their little shop to try their earl grey soft serve recently. Roselle infuses whole tea leaves and toast the milk for the ultimate earl grey experience. If you love earl grey flavoured things, I highly suggest you come to the east side and visit Roselle. 

We decided to get the whole she-bang. For less than a dollar more, they will mix in some of their homemade lemon cream and top it off with white chocolate balls and a shortbread cookie.

Verdict? AMAZING. The earl grey flavour is so good, and the lemon cream surprised me. I didn't really think about how it'd affect the taste. I don't think I'd eat this without the lemon cream! And the little crunch from the chocolate balls was definitely an added touch to this ice cream. Although it is quite pricey, I would definitely say it is worth the treat.
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