Sunday, May 22, 2016

3 Tea Cocktails, made with Pure Leaf UnSweetened Teas

When I think of summer, I automatically think about sitting outside on a patio with the sunshine as I sip on a cocktail, or cocktailS depending on the day ;) What about you?

I've partnered up with Pure Leaf Unsweetened Teas (@PureLeaf) to #TweakMyTea using their new unsweetened teas and my creative juices to come up with my own drinks. Pure Life Teas' trio of unsweetened tea includes: Unsweetened Black Tea, Unsweetened Green Tea, and Unsweetened Lemon Tea.

All three teas contains 0 sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners, and 0 calories. With that said, below are three healthy tea cocktails I've mixed together, with special mentions to champagne, vodka, and whiskey. With such gorgeous weather this long weekend, these will be just perfect!

Just Peachy

In a glass topped with ice cubes, add in a shot of your favourite vodka. Top off the glass with Pure Leaf's Unsweetened Black Tea. Slice up a peach, or as many as your little heart desires, and add sugar to taste. Give it a good mix with a cute straw, and add in mint leaves for an extra refreshing taste.

Green Tea Spritz

Fill your glass with equal parts Pure Leafs Unsweetened Green Tea and your choice of champagne. Add in a bit of syrup to taste and top it off with a slice of lemon. The bubbly champagne combined with the refreshing green tea + lemon will give this cocktail a summer spirtz! This one is my fave!

Smokey Lemonade

Start off with a couple ice cubes in the glass and add a shot (or two, if you want it extra smokey) of scotch to an empty glass. Fill up the glass with Pure Leaf's Unsweetened Lemon Tea, and add in slices of lemon & lime and sugar to taste. Add in a couple crushed mint leaves, and serve immediately.

And there you have it!

Next time you think of mixing up a couple drinks for you and some friends, try using Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea! It's a great alternative to juice with less sugar and still a lot of flavour.

*Please note that this is a sponsored post. Pure Leaf Unsweetened Teas were provided; however, all opinions are my own.*
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