Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Let's #SipGermany with iYellow Wine Club!

This is the best invention ever. Now I can hold my plate and eat while I drink my wine - YES!

On May 18, 2016, iYellow Wine Club extended an invitation for me to attend Riesling & Co., a wine tasting of German's world class wines, at the Arcadian Loft. Although riesling was the star grape of this event, there were also tables full of other grapes that we were encouraged to taste as well. Some included pinot nior, pinor gris, gewurztraminer, and silvaner. With 28 tables full of wine and food catered by Oliver & Bonacini, we were ready to learn about Germany and the wine they have to offer.

Being an iYellow Wine Club member, I did what I was taught and followed the 5 steps to tasting wine: sight, swirl, smell, sip, & savour. In-between sipping and giggling, we learned a lot about the different grapes and wine regions in Germany. Specifically, I realized that I still love riesling, I am not a huge fan of silvaner, and a new favourite is gewurztraminer! Did you know that they call gewurztraminer, 'gewurzt' in North America, but in Germany, they call it 'traminer'? Fun fact of the day!

We were also able to meet the German Wine Queen, Josefine Schlumberger, where she was seen sporting a Toronto Raptors jersey (Go Raptors!). She handpicked her favourite bottles of wine that was showcased on the tables around the loft, and we have to admit that she has very good taste. (P.s. I had no idea there were wine queens... We need a Toronto Wine Queen!)


iYellow Wine Club is a club in Toronto where wine lovers can get together to learn, sip, & taste wine. It was founded by Angela (@angelaaiello) in 2013 and they've grown to have over 20,000 members! Besides having a Wine School, they also host wine tastings for visiting Winemakers around the world. If you're interested in coming to their next event, or just learning about wine in general, click here for more information.

*This was a complimentary event hosted by iYellow Wine Club; however, all opinions made are my own.*

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