Wednesday, October 05, 2016

InstaBottles Bottle Service Club Crawl through Chicago

Throwing it back to when I visited Chicago for a weekend in August, one of the best nights I had there was when I joined InstaBottles on their first ever Bottle Service Club Crawl through the city. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. You start at a club and ‘crawl’ (read: take a limo bus cus we fancy) around the city to multiple clubs - sounds like the perfect Friday night to me!

We started off the night at Rockit, one of Chicago’s popular lounges downtown. Once arriving, we were ushered to a private booth area on the upper floor and provided with a wristband and a drink. As this was our first stop, there was also a table of food (yas) which I highly recommend having a bit even if you just finished dinner. With all the drinking, you will need it – trust. Although everyone had a drink in hand, we quickly received more and more bottles. Needless to say, I was super excited for the night!

After about an hour, it was time to go to our second stop of the night. We stepped outside RockIt to find a massive limo bus waiting for us outside. With music blasting and everyone enjoying themselves, it was a limo full of good vibes. Without realizing, we arrived at our second stop: Vertigo. The view at this club was beautiful, as it was on the rooftop of a building! We had our own corner, and the alcohol continued to flow. This was probably my favourite stop, because there was also an outside patio with a fire pit – pretty cool! But after another hour, which honestly felt like only 15 minutes, we boarded our limo bus again to go to our last two stops.

The last two stops were at clubs that played EDM, which I absolutely loved! We all had a blast and enjoyed the company of the group, as we were all bffs by this point haha. Overall, we had such a great time! It was perfect for us since we were from out of town, and didn’t know where to really go. InstaBottles introduced us to 4 different clubs, while ensuring that we always had a drink in our hand. You honestly can’t go wrong with that! And for obvious reasons, I don’t have many pictures but thank goodness for InstaBottle’s photographer for capturing the beginning of our night before things got too messy!!

InstaBottles is a Chicago-based startup with the sole purpose of helping cool individuals, like you and me, have an amazing night out conveniently. How many times have you gone out only to wait at your booth at a club (for what seems to be forever) waiting to confirm what you ordered, to pay, for your alcohol to get to your table, etc.? InstaBottles helps you skip that whole process. In order to do so, you can order what you want and pay for it online on their website before heading out for the night. It is also now available on an app as well! You can check out their service here. For now, it is only available in Chicago and at these venues but keep an eye out for new additions to the list!

Photo credits: InstaBottles
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