Friday, December 16, 2016

Celebrating 12 Days of Cocktails at InterContinental®

With the holiday season here, it only makes sense to be celebrating with a cocktail or two!
InterContinental Toronto Centre, InterContinental Toronto Yorkville and InterContinental Montreal are going to be spreading joy during the month of December! They have collectively put together 12 festive cocktails for you to enjoy during the holidays.

With that said, I obviously needed to sample their cocktails so I could tell you guys about them. I have a tough job sometimes ;) so I went to InterContinental Toronto Centre & InterContinental Toronto Yorkville and here they are:

InterContinental Toronto Centre

Festive Tidings - amaro liqueur, Grey Goose orange vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup
North Pole Haze - Hendricks gin, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, cucumber, mint, lime juice
Dasher & Dancer Punch - Bacardi 8 rum, banana liqueur, Cassis, lemon juice, orange juice, Sprite
Yule Log Coffee - Kahlua Frangelico Chocolate liqueur, Smirnoff vanilla vodka, whipped cream with an americano or freshly brewed coffee (obvs americano, guys)

My Thoughts: First of all, who can hate on the classic combo of gin, elderflower liqueur, cucumber, mint, and lime juice?! The North Pole Haze was my choice of the evening, hands down - what a refreshing drink! As it is so very chilly outside, the Yule Log Coffee was perfect as the hot coffee (and kahlua) warmed you up real quick. Once you've warmed up, be sure to try the Dasher & Dancer Punch. It's a sweet spritzer and a very good choice if you like drinking cocktails without tasting the alcohol, because trust me, you couldn't taste a thing. That's what I call a very dangerous cocktail to have haha. P.S. If you are hungry, please do yourself a favour and order the duck breast dish to eat. It was one of my favourite dishes of duck to date - so tender with a crispy skin, and with that beet puree, it was just divine.

InterContinental Toronto Yorkville

Elf Juice - dark rum, apple juice, lime juice, dash of Angostura bitters
Santa Claus - vanilla vodka, cranberry juice, sparkling wine
Red Moon - red wine, bourbon, simple syrup
Naughty or Spice - Malibu rum, bitters, lime juice, cream, triple sec

My Thoughts: Ok, can I just say that the mix between red wine and bourbon is probably one of my recent favourite blends? It is perfect for the winter. I can't explain it, but although it is a cold drink, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Is it just me? (Well, safe to say the Red Moon was my favourite drink - also because of the cool red ball of ice!) The Elf Juice was my second favourite. It tasted like a delicious juice! Okay actually, maybe the Santa Claus was my second favourite because I am a sucker for any cocktail that has a hint of mint in it (and this one is garnished with cranberries and mint).


InterContinental Montreal

I will also list the four available cocktails for you at the Montreal location, just in case you are a reader in that region / if you are visiting Montreal over the holidays / if you are just interested to see what they offer!

Sour Spirits - Limoncello, Boulard Valvados, lemon bar mix, lemonade
Holiday Elixir - Ungava gin, absinthe, lemon bar mix, cranberry juice, tonic syrup
Blue Scrooge - vodka, Blue Curacao, lime juice, lemonade
The Berry Nutcracker - vodka, cherry brandy, Frangelico cranberry juice, lime juice

I am sad I wasn't able to visit Montreal to try their cocktails (maybe next time ;) haha), but I'd say you have a pretty solid selection to choose from between the Toronto Centre & Yorkville location. So CHEERS! Xx

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