Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Maha's Brunch

So, I woke up at 8am on a Sunday to go to brunch at Maha's. I am the type of person to sleep in until 1pm on weekends, so even I am surprised that I did this. Was it worth it? YES.
But you have to understand - Maha's is a brunch spot in Leslieville that is always packed full of people and will have people lining up outside their door at any time of day. It's for a very valid reason though. I mean, look at that brunch spread pictured above!

I've been meaning to come to Maha's for the longest time. Specifically, it was because I kept seeing pictures of this overflowing chicken burger on my Instagram feed. It looked delicious and I was not wrong to think that. Maha's Mind Blowing Chicken Sandwich was an overflowing plate of Maha's sacred marinated chicken, tossed with parsley, onions, and tomatoes that is served on a toasted egg bun with tomeya, homemade mayo and tehina. SO good! This was my favourite out of the three things we ordered. The sauced up chicken was basically like chicken shawarma (and I love shawarma)!

We also had to get the Cairo Classic. "On every street corner in the bustling streets of Cairo, you can find vendors serving foole out of large copper vats. This traditional breakfast dish consists of fava beans and is prepared in multiple variations. In the Cairo Classic, we [Maha's] mix tomatoes and onions into the perfectly seasoned fava beans. Enjoy them with a sliced boiled egg, a falafel, and a dollop of our creamy home-made tomato feta on a charred balady breada." - From this lengthy description, all you really needed to know is that it was SO good. You have to eat all of the ingredients together in one bite, despite it probably being a super big bite.

But the best thing to order if you want to try a little bit of everything is the Chef's Appetizer Platter. It comes with the chef's selection of fresh, homemade dips, pickles, falafel, beets, fried cauliflower, and olives. It is served with traditional balady bread and pita triangles. This appetizer platter was the best because you got to sample a little bit of everything. We did a bunch of combinations in order to find our favourite stuffing of the pita bread. I personally loved the fried cauliflower with hummus, but I could also have had the hummus by itself. The beets were also a surprise favourite for me, as well as the falafel with lettuce combo!

We also ordered their customer favourite honey cardamom latte and also a Nutella latte. I am not a huge fan of cardamom, but I tried it and I could see how it was a favourite! I, myself, had the Nutella latte though because I had seen photos on Instagram of the latte with a Nutella rim (omg). Unfortunately when I went, they were out of Nutella. This just means I have to go again though, because I need to try that Nutella rim! Lol okay, that may be an excuse for me to go back, but I do want that chicken sandwich again!

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