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Entertaining Made Easy: Charcuterie Edition

Easy Entertaining Ideas

Food always brings people together, I find. And for me, my family get-togethers always involve a lot of food (and alcohol). Every year, we gather at someone's house where each family is responsible for a couple of dishes. This year for Christmas, my family was in-charge of an appetizer and two mains. My mom decided to make the mains, so I had to go figure out what to get as an appetizer.

Easy Entertaining Ideas

I wanted to bring something that did not require me to cook (mainly 'cause I am lazy and cannot cook lol) and something that I know everyone would enjoy. And then, it clicked. Why don't I just bring what I eat on a daily basis? Charcuterie and cheese! Haha, I know how unoriginal of me. But seriously - charcuterie boards have become an upward trend in the past year. According to Restaurants Canada's annual chef survey, the charcuterie trend has moved up from #5 in 2015 to #2 in 2016, and I can totally attest to that. It's super simple, and you can purchase everything at your nearest grocery store.

Easy Entertaining Ideas

All you need:
• A board
• Charcuterie
• Cheese
• Crackers

(Lol, I felt super silly typing that up but it just goes to show how easy this really could be.)

Easy Entertaining Ideas San Daniele Proscuitto
Easy Idea for Entertaining

In terms of charcuterie, I would recommend getting a selection of hard and soft textures to mix things up. An example of something hard would be Mastro Genoa salami, and an example of something with a softer texture would be San Daniele prosciutto. If you want to go even softer, you could opt for pâté!

Easy Entertaining Ideas
Easy Entertaining Ideas

The same rules apply for the cheeses: a selection of sharp and creamy cheese would be best to suit everyone's palettes. I personally absolutely love brie and smoked gouda! As for garnishes on the side, feel free to put whatever you fancy! I'm not a huge fan of the typical garnishes that you find on boards, like mustard and pickles, cause I am more of a simple gal. So a couple crackers to make a mini salami+cheese sandwich, and I am good to go.

Easy Entertaining Ideas

So there you have it! It is seriously the easiest thing ever. To make it even easier, you can actually purchase a pre-packaged board at Loblaws that comes with a package of two Riserva Salami chubs and San Daniele prosciutto! And now, I'm giving you a chance to also win a starter package for easy entertaining.

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Easy Entertaining Ideas for the Holidays

Happy holidays, everyone!

*Please note that the packages of San Daniele prosciutto, Mastro salami, & wooden board shown were provided by Sofina Foods & this is a sponsored post. However, as always, all my opinions made are my own.*
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