» photo diary: May edition

1:30 PM

{ kngxo }

finally got a new laptop after 4 years!

my babies :) why have 1 when you can have 2?

Early May, I went to Vegas (click for all Vegas related posts)!

Being back in Waterloo with my mexican meant we had to go for a Taco Bell run...

Starbucks chillin' & being entertained by my phone's face recognition that failed hard LOL

Movie night-in & cuddles :)

Indoor Dodgeball Tournament with my company :) 

Mel's Diner for breakfast ft. good talks and catchups

A zucchini, mushroom, and scrambled egg sandwich :)

Coral pants season :)

Reunited with my fave nugget

Thai Iced Tea craving, satisfied :)

Summers in Waterloo = death by construction

Greenest dinner I've ever made #healthyphase

Went to GoodLife... #healthyphase

Chicken breast, cucumbers, avocado, and roasted pepper hummus sammy :) #healthyphase

homemade vanilla buttercream frosting on chocolate cupcakes!! #healthyphaseover

Post Monday night class meals #healthyphaseneverexisted

Prepping for class at Starbucks. Gotta take advantage of my motivation while it lasts!
- - -
May passed by wayyy too quickly! It was filled with lovely keggers...
And... Oh, I'm in Waterloo for school right now? Oops! :)
I guess that's what June is for! Studytymezzzz. :(

Happy Monday everyone :)

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