High Tea at Casa Loma

10:00 PM

During Winterlicious, they held a special culinary event at Casa Loma.
I absolutely love castles - maybe because I grew up wearing colorful dresses and Cinderella's crown.
I've never been to Casa Loma though, which is surprising. I didn't even know Toronto had a castle until a couple years ago.
I'm glad I finally made the trip to visit it though!
Just a simple, beautiful wooden hallway
Their public high-tea set up

People just visiting the castle, but not for the high tea event, were able to see this and have a couple desserts.
But with the ticket, you were able to go inside the library or the conservatory for a sit down meal.
The library
The conservatory

Gorgeous right?!

The tea was sponsored by Davids Tea
A messy looking bread platter to choose from - why can't anyone learn to scoop jam?!
Our high tea platters :)
Sorry, I couldn't resist eating a bit before I took a table shot :P
Our choice of desserts (they also came around with a platter).

I'd have to say the meal was good.
These little pastries always trick me!
I look at the plate and I'm like, "there is noo way I'm going to be full from these small little things."
But nope, I'm always stufffffffed.

My favorite was the smoked salmon on cornbread (not surprising) and the croissant with egg (surprising).
All in all, it was a great experience that L and I both enjoyed.

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