Hiro Sushi

9:29 PM

How often do you get to eat sushi prepared freshly from the Chef himself at an authentic Japanese sushi bar during work hours? Not too often, in my books. :) 

I had the opportunity to celebrate a birthday at Hiro at the sushi bar. We had so many pieces of sushi and they were all so delicious that I really didn't have time to keep track of all the kinds of fish I had a chance of trying. But they do say that pictures are worth a thousand words, so enjoy and I hope it makes you drool!!

As mentioned above, I don't really remember which ones I had but here is a list of the ones I remember (but do not hold me against it if I am wrong!):
• Wild Salmon
• Scallop
• Smoked Butterfish
• Smoked Salmon
• Unagi
• Marinated Tuna
• Sardine
• Anchove
• Spicy scallop and tuna hand roll
• Cod egg
• Fresh fresh tuna roll with toasted seaweed
• Tuna and Radish roll
• Albacore Tuna

Go give Hiro a visit if you're in the area (or make an effort and come out to this area if you want some bomb sushi)!

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*This was a complimentary dinner; however, please note that all my opinions made are my own.*

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