Thursday, January 31, 2013

» photo diary: January edition

{ kng-xo }

{ reunited with my XL Timmies coffee! Xo }

{ learning how to make layers in a drink slash how to pour a good glass of champagne hahah }

{Booster Juice always helps me through my early mornings at work}

{the famous "Very Very Mango Drink" at Go4Tea }

{probably the cutest little bunny I will ever play with}

{ and probably the most ghetto Starbucks entrance I'll ever see }

{ my new coffee station at home :) }

{ favorite cookies of January: Maple Cream }

{ birthday drink from Starbucks! Hehe }

{ favorite tiramisu cake for my birthday }

{ favorite purchases this month! bordeaux, no more film, trombone, set in stones }

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