Tuesday, September 10, 2013

» AT&T Park, Home of the SF Giants

Welcome to the home of the San Francisco Giants!
- - -
When I first suggested going to a ball game, the first thing everyone (that lived in SF) said to me was: "You better be prepared to freeze. Bring a winter jacket."
P.S. Tickets were $3... Why are tickets so expensive in Toronto?!
I guess I never thought about how cold it could get since I was used to the Rogers Center closing the dome, as I've only been to games there.. So I was super excited!
Pre-game (Gorgeous ballpark!!)
I now know why AT&T Park was named one of the best stadiums - the view.
Sunset watching + baseball = yes please.
Usually I'd like to be as close to the field as possible, but with this view up at the top, I was happy where I was.
Loaded nachos! (We also got garlic fries, but we ate it too quickly to take a photo)
(Side note: Buster Posey.. Why is he so good looking?! Or better question, are all catchers good looking?)
So in the amount of time I went out to get food and drinks, the Pirates got 7 runs..um LOL true.
So we decided to give up on the game and explore the stadium instead.
- - -
On the 100s level, they have a mini field where little kids can pretend to play.. How adorable is this?!
Look at this little boy in his Giants gear :')
They also have a huge CocaCola bottle slide.
Now why doesn't Toronto have something like this?!

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