Wednesday, September 25, 2013 / Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA

» Walking on Sunshine & Fame, looking for Red Soles

Hollywood Boulevard x Vine Street: the famous Walk of Fame
I didn't have time to walk the entire thing but I had to take a photo with all the stars that I love.
James Franco.
Winnie the Pooh.
No explanations needed why these two are my faves!
And Vin Diesel. Only because he's the only celebrity I saw when in LA.
 Walking past a coffee shop, it was hard not to give in.
So I decided to save myself time and energy and give this coffee shop a try.
I got their Mocha blended ice coffee, and it was a little too milky for my liking.
Other than that, it was a really good refresher/break from the hot hot sunshine!
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Urbanspoon
- - -
After walking around for a bit, we headed to CL for some shopping/browsing.

What I was looking for:
Daffodile 160mm leather black
Palais Royal 140mm black
But... Surprise surprise. They didn't have my size. I thought that actual stores, especially since I was in LA (as opposed to a department store) would have all the sizes but guess not :(
So we walked away empty handed.
Just going to the store was an experience though.
It definitely wasn't what I expected, and I can't really say I liked the interior designing either. (I wish I took photos of the inside)!
- - -
After walking around all day, we decided to head to Olive Garden for dinner.
We all got the all-you-can-eat pasta menu, naturally.
Free wine :)
"Chinese dumpling" cream soup - my faveee
Baked bacon&cheese stuffed mushrooms - these were really delicious. So glad we got them as appetizers!
My fave: Fettucini Alfredo
Cutest walkway!
Olive Garden on Urbanspoon
- - -
& Next Stop: Santa Monica!

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