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» Downtown San Francisco & Pier 39 ⚓

My ride for the day :)
- - -
My family and I decided to do a lot of touristy things today, that included cable car rides, driving up and down the roads of downtown, and a visit to Pier 39.
There are so many hills in SF so these steep roads are normal. I miss driving around downtown and pretending these roads were roller coasters heh
After strolling around for a bit, we headed to Pier 39.
 - - -
Welcome to Fisherman's Wharf :)
Pier 39 is a huge tourist attraction, and few locals come here because of the amount of tourists and smell of the seals. But I didn't really care heh I just wanted to walk along the boardwalk!
The boardwalk consists of many souvenir shops, as well as many places for food and snacks :)
And fresh fruit!
 oh and an aquarium (used to come here religiously as a kid!)
- - -
First stop: Food
Chowders has been my family's go-to place whenever we visit Fisherman's Wharf.
I was super happy to come back to it on this trip and know that it's still the same as before.
 We ordered 2 white clam chowders (served in sour dough bread, of course), a crab meat sandwich, and an order of fish & chips.
Ahh what a great lunch!
The clam chowder was just as delicious as I remembered, and also disappeared a little too fast. The fish & chips, on the other hand, were rather disappointing. It was quite dry and it kind of tasted over broiled. But the view of the harbour made up for it!
Chowder's on Urbanspoon
- - -
 Next stop: Coffee, obviously
 Walked out of Chowders and saw this wondrous corner.
I got 2 Speculoos-flavored coffee, their specialty. It also came with a Spec cookie!
I first learned about speculoos' existence when I was in Europe. I didn't particularly love it as much as my friends did, but the coffee was amazing.
It was a blend of the normal coffee taste plus a little added spice as if a crushed spec cookie was mixed into the coffee beans. Mm mmm good.
(So Brianne, if you're reading this, yes I got you some Spec cookies :D)
- - -
After strolling downtown, we headed back to San Mateo for some fine dining :)
When we went to visit our great aunt at her place, she recommended coming to San Mateo Prime for a delicious meaty evening.
Of course I'd never deny a white-tablecloth-fine-dining experience!
We all got the prime rib, and my sister got pasta instead.
Tossed salad
Look at that. (Sorry if you're vegetarian btw..)
Each order came with 2 sides and also the salad (it's quite a steal!)
Mushroom and Spinach Linguine
After dinner, I obviously had to get dessert (I was the only one to get dessert, as per usual).
Tiramisu (delicious!)
- - -
The prime rib was impeccable! The texture was good, and it was cooked perfectly so it wasn't dry and was juicy enough. The linguine was also really good but my sister said she got sick of it after a bit (or she probably just realized she made a mistake for not getting the prime rib). Hehe
San Mateo Prime on Urbanspoon

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