Tuesday, September 17, 2013

» Recipe: Egg-filled Green Pepper Rings

For breakfast today, I decided to try something I saw on Pinterest the other day:
An egg-filled pepper ring.

I actually do not like eggs nor do I like bell peppers..
but I'm doing this whole 'try a new thing everyday' thing recently.
So I decided whatever, lets do this.

It looked simple enough to do before I headed to class, and it actually was!
On a scale of 1 to 10 of being easy, I would rate this a 2.
- - -
• 1 bell pepper (makes about 2 rings)
• 2 eggs
• oil, bacon grease, or your choice of fat
• crumbled bacon, cheese, pepper (optional toppings)
- - -
1. Cut bell pepper into 1/3 inch rings & discard the innards/top/bottom
2. Begin warming up your pan to medium low while warming up your oil/bacon grease.
After the oil is heated, put your bell pepper rings into the pan.
Allow to cook for a couple minutes, then flip.

3. Crack eggs into the cooking bell pepper rings.
The egg whites might leak from under the bottom of the rings, but that's okay.
Press down on the rings with your spatula to minimize the spread, & discard of the extra whites later.

4. Allow your eggs to cook until desired wellness.
I personally don't like the yolk, so I just broke it and mixed it into the whites.
If you like egg yolk, you can take a lid and put it over the rings to trap the heat and let it harden.
This helps you from having to flip the ring (and it's a less messy ordeal).

5. When it's done, remove from the pan & serve with desired toppings!
I just added pepper to the top, but if I had bacon.. Ohhhh noms.

Enjoy :)
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