Monday, June 23, 2014

Khao San Road

The first time I heard about this restaurant in Toronto was actually when I was in Bangkok, Thailand. I remember going on Foursquare and seeing my friend check-in at this Khao San Road restaurant in Toronto. And at that exact time, I was actually walking along Khao San Road in Bangkok... It was a 'woah' moment.

Anyways LOL I finally found time to wait an hour in line to try KSR out!

V and I both ordered identical meals (typical).

Pad Thai and Thai Iced Tea

Verdict: It was goooood. I wouldn't go that far to say it's the best pad thai ever but it was delicious. I wish the portions were larger :( or maybe I'm just a fatty (most likely the latter).

Khao San Road on Urbanspoon

On a side note, I'm heading back to Thailand in less than week! YAY!
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