Thursday, June 26, 2014

Post SOA Shenanigans

There's only one sane thing to do to celebrate being done SOA: drink.

But first, my coworkers and I headed out to Ripley's Aquarium.
I've been waiting to visit the aquarium ever since I heard about it opening but haven't had a chance to go (for reasons that I won't tell...). So yay! Although it was rather small, I still enjoyed spending time in one of my favorite types of 'buildings'.

Afterwards, as we waited for the Jays game to start, we went for drinks and food at Arriba in the Renaissance Hotel.
They have an amazing view of the game, for free! Well if you get food as well.

After the game, we went out to Gretzky's to grab a couple more drinks and appetizers.

These people... They know how to eat and drink.
Aka why I love em :) Cheers!

*disclaimer: this post has been edited as I was under above mentioned substances while posting this :)*
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