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Bang Bang Ice Cream

When two of my favorite sweets collide into one and makes it onto my Instagram feed about 5 times a day...
You know it's gotta be a sweet thang.

I finallyyyy headed over to Bang Bang (@bangbang_icecream) for some post-brunch dessert.

They have a rotation of 4-5 different types of desserts you can bang together:
• ½ cookie ice cream sandwich
• whole cookie ice cream sandwich
• ice cream profiterole sandwich
• ice cream macaron sandwich
• HK egg waffle ice cream cone
• ice cream swimming in boba

Yeah.. I'll just let that sink in.

Unfortunately (and fortunately), on the day that we went, it was pouring out so we didn't need to wait in line (as I've heard that the line is sometimes up to an hour long)! But, they also only offered the ice cream cookie sandwiches that day. So if you're looking to try something specific, you'll need to test your luck!

Their ice cream menu is also quite unique. They have many 'cool' flavours that you won't be able to find in your local grocery store. They'll have their flavours available for the day on display like so.

So go ahead, choose your poison.

And here are their assortment of cookies to choose from.

So being the coffee-addict I am, I chose to have two scoops of Espresso ice cream (made from SJCB's coffee beans) to be graciously squished between a Birthday cookie.
PS. SJCB just opened up a new location on Ossington! If you order this ice cream flavour, you actually get a card to enjoy a free coffee at the new location :)

In all its glory. Yes.

We were so lucky that the rain stopped right as we got our ice cream so we could stand outside to eat (and take photos with their dinky sign, obviously).

The ice cream was actually delicious - so creamy and the flavour was so awesomely strong. The cookie on the other hand wasn't that great. I was trying to be 'adventurous' and get a cookie that I normally wouldn't get... Boo. At $5 a pop, it seems silly to not make these at home. But since the flavours aren't your typical vanilla, I'd say it's definitely a bang for your buck. And the other things on their menu? I'm definitely trying one of those sandwiches next time.

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