Wednesday, August 20, 2014 / Liberty Village, Toronto, ON, Canada

SCHOOL Restaurant

Brunch time is the best time.

Located in Liberty Village, SCHOOL (@schoolresto) offers baked goods, brunch, and lunch. They've been noted as one of the best brunch restaurants in Toronto, so I obviously needed to go check it out for myself.

Although the venue looks small from the outside, it extends into two rooms with a large patio during the summertime. Unfortunately, the day that I went was a gloomy one so we opted to sit inside.

The decoration is also so fun. They have 'notes' as part of the decor for lighting, clocks on the wall are all set to 3:30pm, chalkboard walls, red apples on the tables for display, and their menu on a clipboard.

This menu may look small as it is only 1 page, but it was packed full of goodness. I pretty much wanted to order everything on the menu.

After reading the menu about 10 times, we finally decided on ordering all of...this.


Smoked Salmon Breakfast Salad
w/ Endive, Fingerling Potatoes, Sunny Egg & Lemon Pepper Greens

Super Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes
w/ Quebec Maple Syrup & Brown Sugar Butter

Super Cheesy Bacon French Toast
Fired w/ Loads of Gooey Cheddar-Jack Served w/ Syrup & Greens

Smoked Salmon Scramble
with Cream Cheese + In-House Pickled Onion on a Toasted Biscuit

Report Card for the day:
Food - A+
Service - B+
Food - A+
Food - A+

Oh, did I just rate food three times? It was just that good! Look at that smile on my face :D

Usually when I go to places that a lot of people have recommended, I tend to be disappointed because my expectations were so high. However, I was not disappointed here. The food here was everything I had expected plus more, and everyone I was with agreed.

I will definitely be back. I cannot wait to come here to try something different!

School's out, see ya never!
(Jk, I'll be back)

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