Tuesday, March 24, 2015 / Montreal, QC, Canada


Smoked. Meat. Goodness. <3_<3

On our way home from Tremblant, we decided to stop by Schwartz's for lunch. As there was a line up to eat at the diner, we decided to just get take out and eat there instead. I wish we didn't though because the portions were half the size! Except.. I couldn't even finish mine hahaha so I guess that was for the better.

We each got a smoked meat sandwich (and one to-go), and we ordered some smoked meat poutines to share.


It was absolutely delicious. I've heard that this a must-try in Montreal but I didn't think it'd be so good! I've never had smoked meat before (at least I don't think / can't remember) but it was so good. I also don't really like mustard but some reason, you had to have mustard on this.


This has definitely convinced me to visit Montreal just for the food.
Until next time!

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