Saturday, March 14, 2015

I can fly!

On March 8, 2015, I can officially proclaim that I know how to fly a plane (once I am in the air) :D

One of my biggest secret obsessions was flying. I guess it stemmed from travelling around so often, that all I wanted to know was how these things worked. As I am finally finished studying for my accounting profession, I decided that it was finally time to start pursuing my hobby.

I went for my first flight last week and I got to co-pilot a Cessna 172. I've always been a fan of low wing aircraft, but it's really only because I like how they look. For entertainment purposes, a high wing aircraft is nicer since you'll have better visibility of the ground when flying. Anywho, here was my view from my seat of the control panel (sigh, sucks being short).

After communicating with the tower (Golf Oscar Tango Charlie, ready for take off!)
...up, up and away we go!

We had beauuuutiful weather up here. It was so clear, we could even see the Toronto Skyline including the CN Tower!

We flew to Cook's Bay and used it as a practice area to do some spins and stalls. And I actually had control of the plane basically the entire time, minus take off and landing for obvious reasons haha. Overall, I had a blast!! I can't wait to start learning :)

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