Photo Diary: the Last of August 2014

9:31 PM

"she tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party"
Love the detail on my Kate Spade dust bag!

View from The Porch

Raspberry and Strawberry Bulldogs :9

Blurry nights are always the best nights with this one

Chapters has the cutest prints!


Flower browsing on Davenport

Oysters, mojitos, and life chats with this guy

Love these two-toned pants! (Side note, I really need a lint roller)

Sushi lunch specials make my life

Honoured to be able to witness these boys trying their first cosmos! #hewantedit #worktingz

And the end of August means the end of summer aka no more beach days.. Bye :(

Which also means it's time for university to start!
Spent the last day of August moving this little one into residence :(


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