Tuesday, January 22, 2013 / Toronto, ON, Canada

» Beer Bistro without the beer

Today was the first big snowstorm that I've been in for 2013! It was incredible. I personally loveee snow. But only when I'm inside looking out hahaha.
I am super thankful that my office is located in the PATH so that I technically will never have to step foot outside!! So perfect, especially for days like today.

However, sacrifices needed to be made if I wanted to go to Beer Bistro for lunch.
Walking through the slush to get to lunch today was a mission and a half. Good thing it was literally right across the street from my building, so I was even able to wait inside Starbucks until the light was green LOL talk about being lazy... :P
Good thing my friend made reservations the day before! We got there at 12pm and once it hit 12:10pm, it was completely packed.
It was actually a lot nicer inside than I imagined it to be.
They had a bar area, and also a dining area. Their food menu was limited, but their beer menu was overwhelming haha.
I ordered the Drunken Mushroom Pizza, that had mushrooms, goat cheese, and tomatoes. Unbelievable combo!
My friend ordered the Beer Bistro Burger and he also decided to get a 'side' of Belgium Frites. We ended up sharing, and still having leftovers. Either we don't eat a lot (which I highly doubt) or their portions are actually not bad :)

Busy days at work always transform into the best days when I get to see a familiar face :)

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