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» GNO: Far Niente & Bymark Lounge

After a busy week at work, what better way to wind down than to go out with some of my favorites? After finally figuring out a time that works for all of us, we officially went out for a Microsoft girls dinner and drinks date :)

We went to Far Niente for dinner. Since I arrived fashionably late, I thought that it would be really packed but it was actually so empty. I think there were only two tables the whole time we were there. Weird for being so centre of the financial district!
Grilled Shrimp with spicy tomato avocado cocktail sauce
I ordered a side of poutine, and it was too salty and the cheese was not good :(
But we got drinks, so cheers! :)
After that, we decided to continue the night and head to Bymark in the TD Centre. The dining area looked cute, although super dark. Food looked good though, so maybe I'll try going there for winterlicious this year :)
The bar area also had a very nice atmosphere. Although it was filled with old business men, they quickly evacuated once we arrived :P
Here is the drink menu. Try to guess what we ordered :)
2 Lipsticks, 2 Wild Blossoms, and 1 Avocado Margarita
Who in the world ordered an avocado margarita? Obviously me.. Hahah, this was me trying to be adventurous for the night (lol) and it was surprisingly amazing!! I definitely would order it again :) especially with the sea salt on the rim of the cup... Perfecto :)
Thanks for welcoming me homeee!! Xo
And that was my night :) 
It was an amazing Friday with some of my favorite people!!! Can't believe it took this long to find a time to meet up since we all parted ways at Microsoft a year ago :( even though it's been an entire year, it was like we never left each other hehe. I'm starting to realize that that is becoming one of my favorite feelings. It's all about the little things. :)
Cheers to a great year ahead, XO!
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