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» Birthday @ The David Duncan House

For my belated birthday dinner & Valentine's dinner, my family and I headed to The David Duncan House :)
The whole set-up of this restaurant is really interesting and unique, because this was (as the name of the restaurant says) someone's house before. The restaurant still looks like a house and the decor/interior designing is of the late 1800's. It was such a gorgeous little place!
Since it was Valentines day, it was quite packed with a lot of couples, families and groups of friends. The atmosphere was very warm and cozy as well.
And since it was quite a top-notch restaurant, we weren't allowed to take photos with flash or else it would disturb the other guests..
So please don't mind my dark slash blurry photos!
And now onto the food...
For starters, we ordered the Clam Chowder soup.
It wasn't really anything special. It's kind of plain, actually.
As for my birthday drink, obviously I had to get a glass of champagne :)
For the main course, the girls ordered the Roast Prime Rib.
It came with a side of veggies and however you wanted your potatoes. Obviously I got mashed potatoes :) It was probably one of the best Prime Ribs I've ever had! It literally melted in my mouth haha, and I'm not exaggerating..
My dad ordered the classic Duncan House Plate, that consisted of a Filet Mignon, scallops, shrimp, and the veggies & potatoes side as well. I didn't get to try any of his but I knew he absolutely loved it because he finished it all by himself hahaha.
For dessert, I ordered the Tiramisu Bomb (annnnd obviously I'd be the only one that was still down for dessert after eating such a big meal..) but it definitely did not live up to my expectations. It had too much whipped cream and it was just made poorly.. Maybe it's because I've had legit tiramisu in Italy, but even with all that aside, it wasn't good. So I don't recommend this dessert at all!
This is probably the only picture that wasn't blurry. Happy birthday to me :)
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- - -
After dinner, we headed back home for round 2 of dessert :)
I bought Prairie Girl cupcakes for my fam for being such amazing Valentines :)
Chocolate chocolate, Raspberry chocolate, & Peppermint Chocolate
I had the peppermint one and it wasn't as good... But the chocolate chocolate one was bombzzz. Raspberry chocolate was one of their two specials of the week. I am determined to try every single flavor they have!!! :D

But that concludes my amazing food day tehehe. I'm pretty sure I gained a good 5 pounds, but it was sooo damn worth it :) especially since I got to spend it with the 3 people who mean the most to me! Xoxo
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