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» PATH Adventures: Soup Nutsy

Soup Nutsy is officially my new favorite place to get soup!
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I've always been a 'I want something warm in my stomach right now' type of person, especially when I wake up early in the morning.
When S suggested to try Soup Nutsy, I was downnnn.

What I really liked about Soup Nutsy is that with your soup, you get two sides with it. And the sides were all healthy: a piece of bread (huge piece of bread..), veggies, or fruit! You can see what I chose below :)
I was so overwhelmed when it was my turn (the line-ups are always super long) that I didn't have enough time to see all the choices! So I just picked one of my favorite soups of all time: Italian Wedding.
It's usually hard for me to say how 'good' soup is because I was never one to differentiate on soup... I think they all taste the same.
But Soup Nutsy's Italian Wedding was bombbbbb.
It was so full of ingredients that I actually ran out of soup before finishing up the meat and the pasta-like balls (I just googled it, and they are called "acini di pepe"...interesting).
And dipping my bread into the soup was unreal.
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I found out afterwards that Soup Nutsy updates their website in the morning with all the soups that they will have for the day. I guess that's why everyone knew exactly what they wanted when ordering! (Smart)
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This is such a healthy alternative for lunch during work hours.
At the price of around $7 for this combo, it's pricey for 'just soup' but healthy foods come at a cost. And it's so worth it if it's that good!
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Ahhh, writing this post is making me crave soup! I can't wait to go again and try a cream-based soup :)
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