Saturday, February 16, 2013 / Toronto, ON, Canada

» PATH adventures: Z-teca

While trying to find new places to go for lunch at work, I stumbled upon this site: The Best of the PATH. Out of that list, I have already tried half of them so I decided to try out this Mexican joint, z-teca!
I mean, they do pride themselves in serving "gourmet burritos" hahah how could I say no?!
Since I had a busy day at work, I didn't want to eat something messy slash I wanted something easy to eat while working. I opted for the burrito bowl and uhm....hello.
It came with rice as the base, with all the toppings you would normally find in a burrito (plus they had corn... An automatic +1 for me). For the meat, I chose the Beef Barbacoa, which is a very flavorful meat cooked in their Mexican ways...haha.
This was probably one of the best burrito-type dishes I've ever had (from a fast food stand).
My Mexican food cravings have been satisfied, to say the least :)
Definitely going to come back again to try their tacos!!
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