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» VIP Status @ The Tale of Cherry Noir

On February 7th, I attended my first exclusive party.
Although there was a huge snowstorm warning, that didn't stop me from heading over to Thompson Hotel for the official launch of Grey Goose Cherry Noir.

Cherry Noir is their first new flavor in about 5 years, and although it sounds kind of gross, I was rather excited to try it. I know I know, for those who know me, I'm really biased. Especially since Grey Goose has always been my favorite vodka, and go-to choice of alcohol since day 1. :)

I didn't really know what to expect, but once I arrived, I knew it'd be an unforgettable night. The ambiance, choice of decoration, gorgeous vampire-like models, diamond-shaped drink tickets, chandeliers, red and black color scheme, Instaprint station from New York... I knew I was in for an unique experience.

The venue: Thompson Hotel
Absolutely loved it. Although the space was way too small for this event, this luxurious hotel was a perfect venue. Everything was gorgeous. I loved the wall design, the chandeliers around the room, and just the whole set-up.

Upon entering, we were all handed diamonds, as drink tickets that had "Grey Goose Cherry Noir" engraved on them. Classy.
But let's be real, the main focal point of the night was the bar.
With everyone trying to be one of the first people to try Cherry Noir, it was PACKED. I think we waited about 40 minutes to even order our drinks. It was insane!!! But being in line for so long gave me the opportunity to take some pictures of the area. I really enjoyed the decoration of Grey Goose all lined up in the centre.
The drink menu was interesting! Guess which one I ordered? :)
Bite-sized brownies with vanilla ice cream, torched, and a cherry-spiked vodka sauce? Um...hells yes.
And the coolest part of the night goes to: Instaprint (click to view all photos from the night)
How it works is that whenever someone uploaded a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #cherrynoir, these printers would retrieve it and print them out right there. It took about a couple minutes from the time you upload it to when it prints. 
It was SO cool. I literally stood there for a good 10 minutes watching it print my pictures!! Definitely one of the best keepsakes I could have gotten from this party (along side the diamond drink ticket and Grey Goose mixer).

(Note: Not all photos were taken by me)
- - -
I will forever prefer Grey Goose over any vodka :) this I promise you.
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