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Saving Gigi

Brunchin' on Bloor West on a beautiful day after a barre class is the best.
(woo, an alliteration!)

I was invited for brunch at Saving Gigi over the long weekend, and with the beautiful weather, I couldn't pass it up (and because I would never say no to food). Saving Gigi is located just outside Ossington Station on Bloor West. I have personally always been meaning to come out to this area, but alas, this was the first time visiting the area.

We walked into this cute cafe with wooden tables and chairs. People were set up with their laptops working away on this lovely Sunday morning. Saving Gigi has a really 'homey' feel to it, and I loved it. Too bad it was realllyyyy stuffy and humid inside, so we opted to sit outside on the patio to get some Vitamin D and a light breeze. 

They have a coffee menu, as well as an alcoholic menu.

Their food menus are up by the cash. You order what you want, and they will bring it out to you.
Here is what we ordered:

J had an iced latte, while I ordered an iced americano to drink.
For food, we were recommended towards their weekend menu, and decided to get the two popular items to share.

This is the “huevos poutine”, which is hashbrowns topped with melted cheese, a baked egg, tomato chipotle salsa, salsa verde, avocado, sour cream, green onion, with a side of tortilla chips.

Here's how it looked like after I carefully mixed all the ingredients together.

And it still looks so good!! Remember in a previous post when I complained about how hard it was to make a poutine look photogenic? This poutine at Saving Gigi is the first of it's kind to still look decently appetizing! Haha anyways, we ended up taking the egg off of the poutine and not mixing it in. This was mainly our fault. We left the egg out for too long, and the sun cooked it LOL it was pretty sad.

Our second dish was their two free range eggs baked with asiago and green onions, bacon, rosemary roasted potatoes, garlic tomatoes, and two slices of 7 grain toast.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time here. The patio was a nice spot to just sit, talk, and eat. I feel as though inside was more for the people who wanted to do some work in peace, while everyone outside was there to chat away. Being the long weekend, I would say that almost 75% of the people there were drinking some of the local craft beers they had on tap. But you know me, I need my coffee. What makes it even better is that they only serve organic fair trade coffee!

As for the food, I enjoyed it. The portions were perfect - not too much that you'd feel super stuffed after and also not noticeably hungry. I really liked the 7 grain toast (random, I know) but I felt that it was really tasty with the potatoes. I'm pretty sure the eggs were supposed to be runny, except since we left them out in the sun for too long (oops, I took one too many photos), they cooked completely lol! As for the poutine, I was really happy about the portions of the components. There wasn't anything overpowering and not too much cheese either. I just felt that it was hard to eat with the tortilla chips since the potatoes were on the large side. But now that I think about it, maybe you were supposed to mash up the chips into the poutine to add texture? Who knows, but it was really good.

Thanks Saving Gigi for this lovely meal, and I hope to be back soon!

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*This was a complimentary dinner; however, please note that all my opinions made are my own.*
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