Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Event: Toronto Cocktail Feast 2015

LuckyRice and Bombay Sapphire East Gin presents: the first ever Toronto Cocktail Feast

Located at the Berkeley Church, this swanky venue was perfect for the inaugural Toronto Cocktail Feast. I was invited by LuckyRice to attend this delicious sounding event - weird for me to describe something as delicious when it doesn't have anything to do with food.

The venue was decorated to show the Asian-inspired theme of this event.

With 6 restaurants at the Toronto Cocktail Feast showcasing a couple of their cocktails, I guess it kind of has to do with food...? Nah, it's all about cocktails tonight.

6 restaurants present at this event are as follows: R&D Spadina, Blowfish, Soho House, The Good Son, Miller Tavern, Brassaii, and Bent. It was super crowded with a long line so I was only able to take a photo from Bent's station.

Besides trying some delicious Asian-inspired cocktails made from some of Toronto's top mixologists, there were little Japanese crackers at tables set up around the event. There was also hot food (such as dumplings o m g) that was being served, but you had to stand right outside the kitchen if you wanted a chance of grabbing some!

I was most happy with the fact that Chef Susur Lee was present at this event. I fangirled for a while and then finally got a picture with him - hehehe.
D and I were very happy to attend this lovely event!! Thank you to LuckyRice for inviting me to such an amazing event. I cannot wait to attend again next year!

*Sorry for the lack of photos - I wish I took more but I think I was way too excited / didn't have enough hands to take pictures since I always had two drinks in my hands at once hehehe*
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