Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Seven Lives

It's honestly nacho problem that I'm obsessed with taco joints, okay?
And no, I'm not going to taco 'bout it.
But I will talk about the tacos at Seven Lives...

Seven Lives is one of the highest rated taco fast food places in Toronto. For what it is, it can't compare to other sit down restaurants like Grand Electric or La Carnita.

Why? Because it is literally a hole in the wall. And it is delicious.

It's this super small space, with an open kitchen, a crowded area for a line, a crowded area to wait for your tacos, and a baby table for you to sit and eat. 

Good thing they have benches outside for you to eat. But I'm guessing that if you order a taco here, you won't be staying for long anyways - your food will be gone before you even get a spot at the table to sit and eat.

The entire process for me from waiting in line to leaving Seven Lives altogether was approximately an hour. So in all honesty, this isn't a fast food joint. I probably waited in line / for my food for 50 minutes, and spent the other 5 minutes trying to eat this thing....

And another 5 minutes trying really hard not to drop anything on myself.

I got their famous baja fish taco. It was really good. The toppings they had on it plus the sauce worked really well. The tortilla was a little burnt though, so that was unfortunate as that made the taco hard to eat. But the fish was delicious - not overly battered and fried with a good amount of fish.

Needless to say, I was a happy camper and although I only got one taco, I was pretty stuffed. You can't have too much in Kensington! There are wayyy too many food places to try.
 Can't wait to go back and try another one of their tacos on another day though!

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