Thursday, April 04, 2013

» Reds Wine Tavern

On a lovely day, the NBB crew decided to go on a little adventure called the "Let's Go Eat At A Restaurant That Is On Karen's List Of Places-To-Eat-Downtown" and we did just that.
I chose Reds Wine Tavern.
- - -
Reds is located in First Canadian Place, which is really convenient as it is connected through the PATH (I avoid outdoor walking in the winter at all costs). It recently went through an entire revamp (changed it's name, renovated inside, a new executive chef, new menus, etc) and I loved every little bit of it!
Where we sat :)
 Pretty interior!
 - - -
As for the food..
M and I got the Salmon with butternut squash puree and pomegranates.
Absolutely UNREAL. It was so good. We couldn't stop raving about it! I even tweeted them after to tell them how amazing it was.
- - -
P ordered the Lamb Shank Tangine.
Thinking back to Morocco, I thought it would come in a real Tangine and got really excited.. And then it came like this. I was a little disappointed but then I reminded myself that I was not in Africa haha. But it still looked amaazing (and P said he loved it).
- - -
Besides the food being amazing, the service was exceptional as well!
An example: M's iPhone was out of batteries and our server overheard us and proceeded to offer to lend M her personal iPhone charger so she could charge her phone. Um WHAT? LOL such a nice lady :)
(I am pretty sure that is the moment M fell in love with Reds.)
This was the first time the NBB crew got together ever since... I don't even remember! It was great just sitting and catching up :) I can't wait for our next get-together!
- - -
Overall, I had a great time and enjoyed my experience at Reds. The food, the atmosphere, the service was unbelievable. So good that I even mentioned it to my coworkers the next day and now they're taking one of their clients out to Reds this evening.

Thanks Reds for an amazing night! :)
- - -
Address: 77 Adelaide Street West, First Canadian Place
Toronto, ON M5H 1P9
Phone:(416) 862-7337
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