Monday, April 29, 2013

» Blue Jays vs Red Sox & Yankees

Take me out to the ball game 
- - -
Yes. I watch baseball, and no, I do not know what is going on. BUT I AM LEARNING.
I do have to give credit to my lovely NBB crew for getting me into MLB (and JP..) last year.
In tribute of that, we went out to a Jays game together with sa-weet seats, thanks to Mel :)
Watching my boys stretch and get ready for the game :)
It is actually hilarious. I've never been early enough to see them stretch.. I just lol-ed the entire time while P gave me weird looks :(
Sippy cup beers are a must at Jays games!!
Sad loss.. :(

- - -
In the same week, I got a chance to head to another Jays game. These seats were soo awesome. I got to sit right behind home plate :)


Even sadder loss..
- - -
I have concluded that I am forever destined to only go to losing home games #badluckKaren
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