Thursday, April 11, 2013 / Waterloo, ON, Canada

» Beertown Public House

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When I went to Waterloo, I headed to Beertown for dinner with some friends.
It is a relatively new hot spot in Waterloo and I have been seeing SO many instagram pictures of these beer paddles, so that's the main reason I wanted to go.
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My friends were smart and ordered the Sweet sample paddle, which included:
Fruli Strawberry beer, Somsersby Cider, Mongonzo Pilsener, and Kronenbourg.
It is definitely full of lighter, fruity beers that are easy to drink.

V and I, on the other hand, decided not to get the Sweet paddle because we had tried all of those beers before. So being adventurous, we chose the Tour of Beer paddle, which included:
Hawaiian Pale Ale, Innis & Gunn Original Scotch Ale, Smashbomb Atomic, and English Bay Pale Ale.
Let's just say they were all disgusting LOL.
If you like strong, deeply roasted beer, then definitely get the Tour of Beer paddle. If not.. Don't even bother haha you're just going to end up being like us and literally hating every single sip we had.
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Foodwise, I didn't order anything but everything that my friends ordered looked amazing. Mac & Cheese, Lettuce Wraps, Tuna Salad, to name a few.
Everything that I tried was amazing though. I think I'd rather go there for the food than for the beer! (Or it could be because I had such a gross paddle).

Nonetheless, I cannot see myself ever 'craving' to go there again but it's not a bad choice if you just want a chill night. :)
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Address: 75 King St. South – Unit 37, Waterloo, Ontario
Phone: 519.885.5151
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