Saturday, March 30, 2013

» Buca: A taste of Italia

Another week, another TripCs with V!
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This week, we were quite last minute in choosing a restaurant to go, but I'm so glad V suggested this little Italian place. I would not have known of this restaurant if I wasn't with her. Although the address says it is on King Street, you would not have been able to find it unless you walked down this sketchy alleyway and turned a little corner.
But despite the ugly exterior, the interior made up for it.
How adorable is this set up?!
Situated in a big room with super high ceilings, open kitchen, Italian speaking staff.. I was transported back to Italy.
The menu was quite special because they change it every so often. Our waiter was explaining to us how the head chefs go to Italy months at a time to learn the new concepts and bring them back here to practice. How sick is that?!
hand-rolled dumplings made from onion ash, served with fresh broccoli, pecorino and
parmigiano cheese
double-stuffed ravioli, braised duck and foie gras, goat cheese mousse finished with
goose crackle, fresh citrus and lovage
- - -
Overall, the food was amazing!
The gnocchi was kind of plain tasting and not as appealing as described, but the ravioli was to die for.
What I really liked about the ravioli was that they split the filling in half. So half of the ravioli was filled with the braised duck and foie gras, while the other half was filled with the cheese. Very interesting way to present the dish. Delicious!
And for dessert, we obviously had to end it off with the Classic Tiramisui.
It was amazing. It lived up to my expectations :)

So overall, I had a great experience at Buca. I definitely recommend it to anyone that loves Italian food (who doesn't?! Let's be real.)
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Address: 604 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6
Phone: (416) 865-1600
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