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» March Madness: Day 1&2

It's official. March Madness is more stressful than work.
If you asked me what March Madness was a month ago, I would have asked you whether it had to do with food and if not, then no.
I've always loved watching basketball, but never did I know that I would enjoy something like this so much.
 - - -
I'm SO glad my coworker forced me to take part in our company's pool for March Madness this year. He explained how everything worked and it sounded pretty fun. I mean, if I joined the pool, that would mean I'd be allowed to watch the games at work right? (Right?!?)
So even though I was going to make a huge fool of myself infront of everyone in my office.. I decided, why not?

Knowing nothing about NCAA or any of the teams for that matter, I went about picking my teams based on whether or not I recognized the name of the team LOL good thing my basketball fanatic friends gave me their bracket as a reference, but I still ended up picking whatever.
Only until it was after that I knew those little numbers next to the team names were their 'seeds' (aka rankings, for people who don't know this lingo)...LOL oops. Upsets ftw? Haha

Yesterday was the official first day of March Madness, and let me just tell you... Everyone that partook (is that a word) in this was literally yelling/screaming/staring at their computer screens during the last couple seconds of each game. And that includes me.
I've never been so stressed out at work before!!

ANYWAYS, this was a long intro of a post.
All I really wanted to do with this post was to post the top 10 brackets in my company pool. 
And I am so proud to say that I am currently 4th place in my entire company.. How is that possible? I am so happy LOL (I know this is not going to last, as upsets can happen and it will literally make everyone upset and change the standings drastically).
But I am so beyond addicted to this right now, it is unbelievable.

What am I doing with my life right now? If you guessed blogging about March Madness at work on one monitor, and watching the games on the other.. You are correct. :)
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