Monday, March 04, 2013

» lazy days & amazing nights

During the first weekend of March, I went up to Waterloo for my beloved Paris lovers' 22nd birthdays.
 This was the first time I've seen them since being with them 24/7 in Paris for four months!!!
Happy Birthday lovies!! So many smiles :)
 So much love!
On another side note, today was M's first outing as a 'BNC' ;)
Needless to say.. We had an amazing first night out.
- - -
The following day was a complete write-off. We woke up with the biggest hangover of life, took an hour to decide what would be the best thing to eat, and decided on Pork Bone Soup from Seoul Soul (my favorite Korean restaurant in Waterloo!).
After that, we decided to get Booster Juice and Menchies (talk about having a fat day).
To continue that fat day, we went to Honey Bake Shop on King Street for a good 2 hours to just relax and talk, and obviously drug up on our favorite drug.
Such a cute little place! I can definitely see myself coming here to study in the summer :)

As if we weren't fat enough, we tried to go to BeerTown but the line up was way too long, so we headed to Bauer Kitchen but they had the same problem. In the end, we went to Fox.
Rushing to finish dinner, we headed back to get ready to go out again.
Couldn't not be in Waterloo for a Saturday and NOT go to Turret!!
We headed to Turret at around 11:30pm in hopes of the line not existing at that time. But jk, Turret was at capacity so we couldn't even get inside. We waited in line outside for almost an hour and it wasn't even worth it once we got inside! We stayed for about 2 hours and then left to get food/chill.
After this night, we have concluded that these nights are never good LOL. Moving on...
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