Tuesday, July 23, 2013

» Never say no to Taco Tuesdays

$2 for 4 beef tacos... How can you say no?
Simple. You don't.
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I absolutely love tacos, yet I have never gone to Ethel's on a Tuesday!
So I figured it was about time to try it out.
Ethel's Lounge is located along King Street and is quite easy to miss.
Not because you can't see it, but because it looks really old and boring on the outside, so you just walk right past it.
It has an "old diner feel" inside, if that makes sense, but a nice patio area next to the parking lot.
I don't think I would ever come here on a normal basis, even though everyone does say their food is good!
But onto the tacos...
I was assuming they would be small tacos but they were actually normal sized!
They do only serve it with minimalistic ingredients though.
Just beef, cheese, and lettuce.
You also get a side with it: salsa, sour cream, or guacamole.
(I chose guacamole of course)
Since it's only $2, I'd say I got my money's worth.

I would definitely come here again.
I just have a soft spot for tacos.. :)
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