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» Photo Diary: June edition

{ kng-xo }

more salads!


or hardly studying?

Devil Wears Prada x ice cream (in the middle of my death exam week)? Best decision.

frozen berries, a banana, vanilla yogurt, orange juice, and some magic
The time M made me a smoothie :)

How I eat all-you-can-eat sushi lunch

Village Shawarma (guilty pleasure)

Just some good ol' DLC :)

'tis the season for some bbq time

good things do come to those who wait.. :)


<3 for t.swizzle

Monsters University :) 

And of course this means I have to watch Monsters Inc!! (still a great movie btw)

my fam sending me the cutest snapchats as I study :)

BBQ in da Loo!

Yummiest oatmeal cookies.. Must recreate these asap!

Oreos to accompany me to my walk to class? Yes, I'm obsessed.

Just the usual at Go For Tea with the girls :)

The time my name was AABAT... And won the most useless prize ever.

Yummiest mango meringue cake

the time my baby sissy treated me to Menchies :')

battle scars from Grad Ball, lawls

Sweatpants, hair tied, wine and movie night

I need a haircut

Greatest set up at home

there's something about bringing cookies to a kegger (it's awesome)

Cutest shirt ever! It got me in the first line :')

the time I made a grilled cheese and ate it in class like it was nbd

After a year, I decided to finally let go...and cut my long hair :(

Side note: I hate that all my pictures are portrait (since I don't use a bb anymore). Boo.
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