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» Visiting the Pleasure Store

"Pleasure comes to those who grasp it."
Or eats ice cream.
- - -
So let's just state the obvious, shall we.
A Magnum pop-up store opened in Toronto...
The Magnum Pleasure Store, to be exact.
Oh I mean Magnum, the ice cream :) what a clever name eh?

I started seeing pictures on my instagram feed last week,
and then decided that I finally had to made the trek over there.
Ice cream and chocolate? Two of my fave things :)
AND the fact that it's a custom made ice cream bar... I just couldn't resist.
Here is the interior of their store.
(Just drooling at looking at the pictures on the wall haha)
And there was also this cute wall display:
That was made with...
- - -
So basically, for $6 might I add, you get to make your own Magnum bar.
Let me also add that you get to have unlimited toppings...

(A screenshot from my video below to show you the toppings you can choose from)

But instead of telling you about my experience, let my first InstaVid tell you instead! :)

The making of my Magnum bar:

This is #MyMagnum, where's yours?  by @karencng

And the final product?!

Mine (top):
Vanilla bean ice cream dipped in dark Belgium chocolate with a drizzle of white chocolate x chocolate flakes, chocolate rice crispies, macadamia nut pieces, chopped almonds, and nerds (the candy haha), with the #goldentouch
VP (bottom):
Chocolate ice cream dipped in dark Belgium chocolate with a drizzle of white chocolate x chocolate flakes, toffee bits, rock sea salt, and crushed hazelnuts

Wow that sounds insane LOL

But it's so worth it. And I'm just full of happiness (and ice cream chocolate goodness) :)
- - -
And there's something I'd like to share with my Toronto readers.
I only heard of this through other bloggers, so I'd also like to take the time to share this little tidbit of info.
As you're probably overwhelmed and super excited as you pick out your toppings,
Don't forget to ask for the "Golden Touch."

They'll sprinkle your bar with gold flakes, and also give you a bottle of Magnum Gold?! nail polish.
Such a cute little addition to the experience, as if this custom ice cream making business wasn't enough!
- - -
Rumours on the street that this store is only going to be here for the month of July
(Last day is July 28th, to be exact)

So with this all said, GO THERE ASAP.

Address: 11 Bloor Street West, Toronto, M4W1A3

It's worth every little step of the way.
I mean after all,
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