Sunday, July 21, 2013 / Waterloo, ON, Canada


I've always wanted to go to Ribfest in Toronto but I always missed it.
So when I realized I had time to go to the one in Kitchener, there was NO way I was gona say no!
- - -
First things first... I got a Jays cap the other day. And I've been obsessed with it!!
teehee soo happy
(sidenote: I look quite large in the photo, I'm not I promise, and my hair is so short.. Sadness x 2)
- - -
Ladies and gentlemen,
The Downtown Kitchener Ribfest and Craft Beer Show.
They had 6 Ribbers, among a dozen other food vendors, so you can just imagine the amazing smell that flooded Victoria Park in Waterloo.
We were absolutely starving when we got there, so we quickly started eating.
- - -
1. Buttered Corn
Roasted corn drenched in butter, with a generous sprinkle of roasted garlic and pepper ($4)
Verdict: Best corn ever!!! Some of my friends even went back to get seconds.
- - -
2. The Ribs
SO excited to pig out on my ribs! (pun intended)
So glad I ordered a full rack of ribs! ($22)
Just the happiest!
Just a little close up of my delicious ribs... Noms
And for those that know me, no I did not use a fork to eat my ribs.. But yes, I did use copious amounts of paper towels so my fingers did not end up touching the ribs one little bit :)

Verdict: amazing. Although I wasn't 100% full (but when am I ever?), it was really satisfying.
Mine was a little burnt, but the meat just melted right off the bone. SO good.
I was super thirsty afterwards though so I had iced lemonade (so good too!!)
- - -
3. Funnel Cakes
The best rooomie! 
A funnel cake with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and extra icing sugar ($9)
Verdict: where did it go? We literally finished it so fast haha it was absolutely delicious.
- - -
What a great day for my tummy :)
A lot of people say that ribfest is overrated but I would like to disagree.
Everything was delicious and it was a great food day for me, which was the whole point in the first place.
I also had the bestest time with some fun people.
So my stomach is happy from the food and the laughs ;)
Can't wait to go again next year slash... Probably going to go to another one in August/September!! Hehe
- - -
Just a side note: I literally just got back from Ribfest and I had to write up this post.
After looking at all these pictures, I'm hungry again.
What's wrong with me?!
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