Sunday, July 14, 2013

» Playing Dress-up

...with my Eiffel Tower.
- - -
It is currently sitting on my desk, as a daily reminder of my amazing exchange in Paris.
Last weekend, I found this gold & black Chanel ribbon that was used to wrap one of my previous purchases.
So I decided to tie it around my Eiffel Tower - such a cute little touch, no?
- - -
On another note, I know it's summer and I lovelovelove pastel colors. But, my nails have been painted red constantly with this color: Dragon by Chanel.
It's a gorgeous color and I can't get over the consistency.
Usually I have to paint two coats, but I only need to paint it once with this and it's already perfect.
And, I don't even need a top coat cause it already has a shiny finishing touch to it.
Such a beauty color!
- - -
I miss Paris!
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