Friday, July 31, 2015

Oyster Boy

I brought my favorite boy to Oyster Boy for Father's Day :)

Located in Trinity Bellwoods, next to the park, is this cutest little oyster place.

There's a bar at the front with a bunch of high tables along the side and at the back.

We were seated at the back in a little nook.

We started off with some caesars, and I just had to add an oyster to it. I wasn't sure how it'd taste, as I've only ever had oysters in a cocktail (a one slurp kind of cocktail).

I wasn't sure how to take this so I just ended up drinking and eating separately, while having a couple others oysters hehe.

We decided to get 8 of these delicious little shells. Sorry, I didn't write down which ones we ordered) All I remember is that they were sooo good!

I really wish we ordered more, except we ordered so much food so I'm half glad we didn't.

Because we also decided to get 6 baked oysters - 3 each of the Rocketfeller (spinach and fennel with bechamel sauce on an oyster baked with breadcrumbs) and Royale (crab meat with bechamel sauce on an oyster). With the sauce, I am not really sure which one is which - even the server was confused.

And then our food came...

K4 ordered the Fish Taco, which was 2 massive pieces of fried fish, topped with pico de gallo and avocado on tortillas.

I (I'm K3) ordered the caesar salad and added smoked trout. I wanted something refreshing and light (and I also knew everyone else ordered hefty meals so I was obviously going to mooch off them hehe).

K2 ordered the BC Dungeness Crab and Bay Scallop Pasta. This one was the winner in my eyes for the night. It was sooo good! It could also be because I love baby scallops and pasta though.

K1 ordered one of their daily specials. I don't remember what it was called, but I'm sure you can figure out what it consisted of by looking at that awesome picture. Oh boy.

My three dates for the night - K2, K1, and K3 :)

Happy Father's Day to my daddio, xoxo

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