Thursday, July 02, 2015 / 439 North Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60654, USA

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

If you ever visit Chicago, you have to try their deep-dish pizza even if you've had it before somewhere else. It is just a must.

Lou Malnati's came up first on my Google search for best deep-dish in Chitown, so we headed there on a Saturday night. After putting our names down in line for a table, we were told that we had to get our orders into the kitchen before getting seated so that the pizzas would be half-ready by the time we got seated (to eliminate the wait time once we sat down).

After waiting for almost 2 hours, we were finally seated. Good thing we had a seat at the bar because the wait was absolutely ridiculous. I get that it was a Saturday night but when we were walking to our table, I noticed so many empty tables that just weren't being serviced! Maybe make sure you're appropriately staffed on a weekend?

Anyways, so we sat down and ordered a family-style salad and waited patiently for our pizza. The salad was just what I needed. Something refreshing and light to fill me up temporarily as I was starving! The family-style salad was large enough for possibly 7 plates of salad lol.

I think we waited for an additional 45 minutes before our pizzas came out, which was disappointing. I thought that the wait would have been faster since we already waited 2 hours for our table. We ordered a variety of their deep-dished pizzas (I specially got the sausage one with a butter crust) and it was alright.

My crust was a little burnt, but burnt enough that I could taste the charcoal, so I wasn't too pleased with that. The sausage was like a patty on top of the pizza so once you cut into it, the entire top part of the pizza falls off so you're just eating a pile of cheese, dough, and a sausage patty..

Overall, nothing spectacular. This is probably just an off experience that wasn't great, as I'm reading everyone else's great experiences! Needless to say, I don't think I'll be back.

As for this beautiful city though, I will definitely be back.
See you next time, Chicago!
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