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11:58 PM

A hidden gem on King Street
- - -
While exploring Uptown Waterloo, L and I found this little café and decided to try it out.
Just the most adorablest cafe ever.
All pictures above are from their website
- - -
Key Lime Tart (back)
Apple Crumble Tart (front)

Verdict: absolutely delicious!!
I personally lovelovelove anything that includes baked apples, and this was no exception.
They warmed it up for me and it was just delicious. The only thing missing was a side of vanilla ice cream :)
- - -
Besides sweets, they also serve light lunches and have amazing smelling coffee brewing all the time.
I can definitely see myself coming here to study during finals.

Go check it out if you're looking for a new little café to have afternoon tea and desserts at :)
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